You are engaged! You picked a date! Time to celebrate! Okay, there is lots more to do to plan the actual wedding, but for now you have got a good thing locked in and we say: shout it from the rooftops with custom save-the-date cards from SavetheDateStickers! For many folks you plan to invite to your wedding, this will be how they find out. So make it fun! There is not a person in the world who wouldn not relish a great photo of the happy couple, so be sure to include a good one, the more natural and fun the better and there will be plenty of time for perfectly posed portraits on your big day. A few tips: Print about 20% more save-the-date cards than your absolute guest-list number limit. This will account for declined invitations and a mistake or two down the line. ONLY send save-the-dates to people you are absolutely sure will make the final list. You can not send out a save-the-date announcement and then not follow up with a formal invitation. Send your save-the-date cards out as early as you can especially if you are planning a destination wedding, which is any ceremony where most people will have to travel to attend. You can send out your save-the-dates up to a year in advance! After you have sent your announcements to the absolutely-must-attend group, follow with the absolutely-must-invite group. For friends and relatives you may or may not have room for, wait a few months and see what comes up before sending. Keep in mind that everyone loves getting a save-the-date for a wedding. It is a harbinger of something great to look forward to! Your save-the-date will likely be posted prominently on the mantel or fridge at least until your formal invitation arrives, so take the time to make the most of our design elements let you really create something unique.
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