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Starting Over

“The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.” 
 Shannon L. Alder

Ain’t that the truth!  Especially if you are stubborn.  Have to say being a Taurus I tend to be a bit bullish. 

I thought it would be pertinent to write my first blog post about starting over, since I am reopening my store.  I found this quote to be so incredibly perfect in relation to my journey in life.

Have you watched Kitchen Nightmares?  All of the principles, Gordon Ramsay and team teach the owners of the said nightmare restaurants, hold true for any business.  After stepping away from my business for a number of years, I have had the great privilege to look back and analyze with clarity.  Very sobering reality.  I realized how crazy I had become and desperate to keep holding onto a nightmare business that “I” had created.  You can really go down the rabbit hole when you are over worked, sleep deprived and terrified that you will lose it all.  The reaction is amazing!  My reaction, like most of the nightmare restaurant owners, was to work harder and harder and add more and more product.  One of my 3 websites had 5,000 products!  Gordon teaches the owners that having a menu with 100 dishes is actually not a possible business plan.  Pick great dishes that have definition and meaning for your business and serve them in a timely manner.

My business restart, starts with a fresh moto.  To Simplify and Delight.  I am no longer stuck in the mindset that I have to offer all different kinds of stickers and invitation suites - simplify.  It is too much for a small business to do without a massive team of people.  I am no longer hanging on to the idea that I have to run with the lemmings and sign up for every single social networking platform, or waste time in 100 different wedding website portals.  My business will be dramatically simplified.  With such great new technology, I have a ton of systems helping me work smarter and faster.  The new, super awesome product customizer which works so fast and on the phones.  Very excited about being able to launch with with such amazing technology.  Also, having a 3rd party system in place which will send customers and myself automatic shipping updates will be a godsend to me and delightful for the customers.

So stick around.  I’m planning to use this blog to document my journey restarting the business.  We will see where this takes us.

THANKS for reading ~ Deb Alighire


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