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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Perfect Wedding Venue

Of the many decisions that you will need to make to prepare for your dream wedding, choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the first. Your chosen wedding venue is key for setting the tone of your wedding and representing your wedding theme. It is also important to choose a wedding venue that allows enough space for all of your guests to enjoy your big day comfortably.


While many couples may feel overwhelmed by the process of selecting a wedding venue, there are a number of factors that you can take into consideration in order to make your search a bit easier. Choosing the perfect wedding venue doesn’t have to be a stressful process and Save The Date Stickers is here to prove it with these helpful tips!

Decide On Your Budget

Before you dive headfirst into your search for the perfect wedding venue, it’s best to have a good idea of how much you can reasonably spend on the location. This is because of all the expenses associated with a wedding, the wedding venue itself demands a significant amount of your overall wedding budget.


Closely discuss a reasonable budget with your partner as well as any loved ones who may be contributing to overall costs. This will help you to narrow down the amount of money you can comfortably spend on your wedding venue. In the best case scenario, you may be able to secure a wedding venue that includes catering in the final price when renting the space. This can go a long way in reducing costs.

Choose Your Wedding’s General Location

Once you have decided on how much you can spend on your wedding venue, you should consider the general location in which your wedding will be held. These days, a wedding can be held just about anywhere so the possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular choices for location is the hometown of either partner, a spot with personal significance to the couple, or a dream vacation spot.


In terms of convenience, your best bet is to hold your wedding in your hometown but there is something extra exciting about a destination wedding as well. By settling on a general location for your wedding early on, you can get a headstart on browsing wedding venues in the area. This is also great for getting an idea of what your perfect wedding venue will actually cost. 

Consider How Many Guests You’ll Have

The amount of guests in attendance on your special day is important when it comes to planning many aspects of your wedding but your venue is one of the most crucial. No matter how much effort, thought, and creativity you put into planning your wedding, venue capacity must be a top consideration. Choosing a venue that doesn’t support the number of guests you expect can turn your dream wedding into a nightmare.


While it isn’t necessary to have an exact number of guests decided on before selecting a wedding venue, you should ensure that your estimate is as accurate as possible. The best way to form this estimate is by communicating with your partner and family and create a list. Finding the perfect wedding venue only to be disappointed when you find that it doesn’t support the number of guests you expect can be disheartening. Save yourself the trouble by being prepared!

Ask the Important Questions

Your wedding day should be an event that you and your partner look back on with fond remembrance for many years to come. Choosing a wedding venue that best represents your personal tastes and includes the features you prioritize is the key to your dream wedding.


Every couple’s priorities are different and you should take care to carefully discuss with your partner. Does your ideal wedding venue offer in-house catering? Is it important that your wedding venue possess an aesthetic that supports a specific theme? Is your idea of the perfect venue an indoor or outdoor space? Once you have answered these important questions, choosing a venue will be much easier.

Take to the Internet

The best place to start your search for a wedding venue is online. Browse some of the most popular wedding venues in your general wedding location while staying on the lookout for some hidden gems. Take reviews and testimonials into consideration and explore any available images of each wedding venue.


One of the biggest benefits of beginning your search online is the ease of narrowing down your search based on established priorities such as desired capacity, venue amenities, and availability for your chosen wedding date. After taking a look at options, create a list of the ones that stand out. At this point, you can either reach out to the venue with any questions you may have or visit the venue for a tour.

Making the Final Decision

It’s finally time! After touring each possible wedding venue on your list of favorites, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons of each space and make the final decision. While you may feel pressured to book a wedding venue when touring, you should allow yourself time to carefully consider all the available options. This is an exciting time and you may be tempted to settle on the first venue you tour but there’s no need to rush.


Communication is key and while you and your partner may be completely in sync, there is always the possibility of some disagreements on the best wedding venue. Take time to express your thoughts and listen to the concerns of your partner. By working together to compare and contrast each option, you can ensure that your final decision is truly the wedding venue of your dreams. Congratulations! You have taken one of the first steps in planning your big day and this is no small feat.

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