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Save the Date Cards | 101 & Wording

Ordering Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are a fun way to announce your wedding to your guest list.  They increase guests’ chances of attending your celebration.  If you are having a destination wedding during peak season travel times, like a three-day weekend or summer in a resort town, then sending a save the date card is essential. 

When do we send them?

In general, mail the save the date cards five to six months before the wedding.  For a destination wedding which may require extensive travel arrangements, mail save the dates eight months to 1 year in advance.

What information do we include?

Provide any details that will help guests plan for your big day: the wedding date, location, your wedding website URL (where they can find additional information).

Who receives one?

Only those who you are planning on inviting to the wedding.  Even if you have received verbal confirmation from certain guests, you should plan to send them a save the date as well (bridesmaids, siblings, parents, etc).  However, once the save the date cards are in the mail, there is no turning back, make sure to create an accurate guest list first before mailing them because you should only send them to those you definitely want to invite.

Save the Date Cards | wording ideas

You've heard the rumors. Yes they're true.  We want to share our day with you.

The colors are picked. The date is set. You are invited to a wedding party, you'll never forget. Save the Date!

The date is set. The plans are being made. Please save the date for our wedding day.

We'd like you to join us in December. Use this sticker so you remember

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. We are tying the knot.

Check the calendar. Hold the date. Join us as we celebrate

10 years ago is where the story starts. A friendship blossomed and there was a connection of 2 hearts. The time has come to join 2 hearts as one and we would love to have you join in on the fun.

We're getting married! We can't wait. Please use the sticker to hold/reserve the date.

It's written in the stars that they were meant to be. Put the sticker on your calendar there's going to be a party! Save the date for "DATE"for the marriage of "BRIDE'S NAME" & "GROOM'S NAME"

Save the date "DATE" to share in the joy of "BRIDE'S NAME" and "GROOM'S NAME" as they are married. Invitation to follow. "BRIDE'S PARENTS"

Please hold the date of "DATE" "YEAR" for the wedding of "BRIDE'S NAME" and "GROOM'S NAME" "CITY, STATE" Invitation to follow

Please hold the date of "DAY, the DATE of MONTH YEAR" for the wedding of "BRIDE'S NAME" & "GROOM'S NAME" Invitation will follow

Reserve the Date Your presence is requested at "EVENT on DATE CITY, STATE" Invitation will follow "BRIDE'S PARENTS"

A romantic affair... something special in the air! Kindly save the date for a tropical marriage celebration uniting "BRIDE'S NAME" and "GROOM'S NAME" on "DATE" "CITY, STATE" Invitation to follow "BRIDE'S PARENTS"

Save the Date "DATE" to share in the joy of "BRIDE" and "GROOM" as they are married. Invitation and details will follow. "BRIDE'S PARENTS"

Please reserve the date of "DATE" for our wedding. Invitation and details will follow "BRIDE'S NAME" and "GROOM'S NAME"

"BRIDE'S PARENTS" look forward to celebrating with you at their daughter's wedding on "DATE" "CITY, STATE" Invitation and weekend itinerary to follow

Times are busy and calendars are full "BRIDE" and "GROOM" want you to know they are planning their wedding for "DATE" in "CITY, STATE" Invitations to follow

"NAME" bought the ring And "NAME" said yes. There's going to be a wedding And we hope you'll be our guest. Please save the date! "DATE" "LOCATION"

A Great Girl, A Great Man. Save the Date. A wedding is in the plan! "BRIDE'S NAME" & "GROOM'S NAME" "DATE" "LOCATION" Formal Invitation to Follow